So, @Max_e_Silver and I (@Mike_Shea) have had some trouble naming our new agency. We have spent the past school year building a social media marketing agency, and we plan to launch rather soon, but there is one problem, we can’t decide on a name!!

We started with Agency At Large , we then went to Ignite Interactive (logo seen below), but we lost interest in AAL, and Ignite is already being used by a similar agency.

So we are asking for your help! We want the power of Twitter to help us decide a name for our new agency. It’s easy, either post a possible name in the comment box under this post (include your Twitter handle, please), or go on Twitter and use the hashtag #TheNameGame. The top 5 names will be picked by next Friday, then we will hold a vote to decide the ultimate winner, and there will be some sort of prize. Everyone loves prizes!!!!! Please help, and ask your beloved followers to help as well! Get creative with it!!



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2 responses to “#TheNameGame

  1. Hey – how did this end up / how is it going? I remember seeing it and am curious for an update.

    • mpshea

      It didn’t go great, but we have decided on a name I think. We will let you know for sure once it’s definite.

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