Twitter is currently on a maintenance break, and it’s killing me. I never thought that Twitter would have such a big impact on my mood, but apparently not being able to share my ideas with my 800+ followers is a major problem in my life now (even though most of them probably don’t pay attention to what I say).I guess I’ll take this time to look at the newest change to Twitter – their @reply rules.

So Twitter recently changed it so you can see whenever someone @replies you, no matter where it is in the 140 characters. I loved this change. Today they made a change that I’m not so much in love with. They changed it so you can’t see someone’s tweet that starts with an @username, unless you are following both parties. This is a feature that has always been there, and now they changed it and made it not possible.

When this first happened, I weighed both sides of it, and understand why they would do this, so people don’t get annoyed by other people’s conversations that aren’t relevant to themselves. This allows people that don’t follow a large amount of people (who are a majority of Twitter users) to have a Twitter feed that isn’t bombarded by people talking back and forth about nothing. But, as an aggressive Tweeter myself, this doesn’t bother me that much. Then I looked at the part that really disappoints me about this rule…

One of my favorite things to do on Twitter, when looking for new, interesting people to follow, was to go to an influencers page (@unmarketing, @chrisbrogan, @bostonmarketer, etc…) and follow whoever they were conversing with. This makes it easy to find active users that contribute to the conversation; this is no longer possible under the new rules. I am not happy. Read more about the controversy here on Mashable. Twitter let me down today,  I’m sure there are more changes to come, I hope none of them are as bad as this one.


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