The Dreaded Treadmill

I’ve recently decided to start running again, which is something that I’ve been avoiding for way too long. I’ve been outside a few times, but once I leave the sunny weather in Los Angeles for the brutally cold Boston winter, I won’t have this luxury any more. I’ve never been good at running on a treadmill and simply don’t enjoy it. I’ve countered this by using the bikes at the gym, but never feel like a get the full body work out that I get from running. 

I truly started hating treadmills when I was running on one a few years back. I was attempting to run on the one that my parents use at home and everything started of well. I was jogging nicely, enjoying myself and watching TV while doing so. This experience was way better than running outside… because of the TV. But all of a sudden the treadmill stopped. It was still on, it just stopped moving. It began to do this more often, which was extremely dangerous and became insulting once I realized that it was stopping because of my weight. I’m a big guy and all, but really? It was a sad day for me and forever ruined my relationship with indoor running. 

But now that I need to stay in shape it seems impossible to avoid a treadmill. Do you have any advice on how to conquer my fear? Or am I going to be like this forever? 


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