Why would I follow a student?

I decided to conduct a Twitter experiment this past month, after not gaining followers for quite some time. I know that it’s not all about the amount of followers, but after going a few months and hovering around 1050 I was beginning to get confused. I had been posting the way that I always have, my interactions were solid as I was constantly @replying and RTing interesting things. I decided that I’d try changing what my Bio said to see if this had anything to do with the sudden lack of new followers. 

Before: Emerson College student, advertising guy, social media and sports fanatic, currently a KBuzz Buzz Builder.

After: Advertising guy, social media and sports fanatic, currently a KBuzz Buzz Builder.

Even more recently I’ve made it “Advertising guy, social media and sports fanatic, currently a KBuzz Buzz Builder and blogger for #tngg.” 

It was a small, but important change since the word student is nowhere to be found. It’s pretty easy when you look at my posts or click on my featured URL (links to this blog) to realize that I’m a student. But the amazing thing is that I’ve added over 100 followers since removing “Emerson College student” from my profile. This could be attributed to the fact that I attended the #140Conf in LA or that I recently became a blogger for The Next Great Generation, but I wouldn’t say that’s entirely the case. 100+ followers in about a month isn’t much for some people, but after my recent struggles it is quite a bit. 

The point I’m trying to make is that people should be followed for what they post, how they interact and how they add to the overall conversation. This has been preached by everyone, including the Twitter elite, but doesn’t always get practiced. Students are the voice of the future, so the fact that we are students shouldn’t stop you from following us, or talking with us at a conference.

Keep this in mind next time you go to follow someone and remember that students grew up with this social media stuff, so you may be able to learn a thing or two from us.

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