The iPod Touch Should Destroy the Flip

After the release of the iPod Nano w/ Video, we all know what’s coming next (or what should be coming next) – The iPod Touch with video. This could be the reason Flip has started running TV spots (below), which I actually like because of the simple way they show off the product. If the next generation iPod Touch is released with video this could be the end of Flips reign on the micro video market.

The reasoning is simple. The Flip is a great product but is limited to basic video functionality. The fact that it plugs directly into your computers USB port is helpful, but who doesn’t have the USB cord for their iPod?

The iPod should take down the Flip because of it’s large list of offerings, including internet access, mp3 player, gaming capabilities, and tons of other capabilities seen in the video below.

The Flip ranges in price from $149.99 – $229.99. The most expensive Flip has HD quality, which is the one thing that the Flip will have over the iPod. Of course the iPod hasn’t been released, but I’ll be surprised if it comes in HD. While HD is great the biggest problem is it’s not completely necessary for a mini video camera.

Right now the iPod Touch ranges in price from $199-$399 and the Ipod Nano Video goes for $149.99 – $179.99. For all intensive purposes lets say the 32G iPod Touch Video will go for $299.99. This means that you can get a video camera with a large touch screen that also allows you all of the other iPod Touch functions. Why would you need a Flip? I can understand buying the Flip over the Nano because of the size difference, but the Flip can’t match up with the 3.5inch digital display offered by the Touch.

Now, as a consumer, would you want to carry around an iPod and a Flip camera, or would you rather just carry one? The answer is obvious. The Flip will need to come out with new functions to compete with the iPod and stay alive within the market. What do you think they can do? 


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