Burger King: $1 Holiday Gift Card

I originally found out about the Burger King $1 Holiday Gift Cards from their TV spots and at first I thought it was kind of a ridiculous idea, but now that I think more about it I kind of like it.

The website is pretty cool, as expected from CP+B.  You can scroll through cards depending on how well you know the person you are sending it to, from “casual friend” to “virtual stranger.” The cards feature funny one liners like “You wouldn’t know how much you mean to me… until you open this card.” 

The site says that it’s an “actual dollar bill,” which seems a little suspect to me. How do they know the dollar will go to a double cheeseburger? I’m guessing it’s a fake dollar bill, redeemable for a double cheeseburger, but we will see. 

The thing I like most is that you can buy the card online and send it without every going into a Burger King. I wouldn’t think about doing the promotion if I actually had to walk into the store and purchase the cards myself, but being able to do it online adds a whole new element to it. 

Being a college student (or Gen Y’er), I rarely buy my friends gifts for the Holidays. This would be an easy way to send them something that I know they would enjoy. No, it’s nothing spectacular, but that’s the point. If I send 10 of my friends one it’s only $10 and I don’t have to worry about getting one person something better than the other. It’s a win-win in my book.

That being said, I’m not sure if I will actually do it, but I like the idea. My friends tend to be Wendy’s guys anyway. 

What do you think of it? Will you be sending a Double Cheeseburger Gift Card to casual friends or virtual strangers?

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