YouTube Soda Wars

I stumbled across the Coca-Cola and Pepsi YouTube channels today and thought I’d share them. They are a prime example of one company that stuck with the standard, and one that went above and beyond.

The Coca-Cola channel (above) suits the brand and brings a much stronger experience to the user. They created this channel for their “Longest Celebration” giveaway, which correlates with the 2010 World Cup.  The Pepsi channel (below) is good, but doesn’t differentiate itself from other channels by taking that extra step. I do like how they have a celeb-sponsored music channel that fits nicely with the brand, but I’d still say Coke did a better job of making theirs a unique experience.

I would have liked to see a Pepsi Throwback page that featured old commercials, music and any extra videos they may have from back then.

The overall user numbers for the channels surprisingly favor Pepsi, but the Coke channel is for campaign purposes only. I was also surprised to see that AMP Energy(A Pepsi product) has a cool channel, but this also has to do with different agencies and consumer-base.

What do you think? Does the interface of a YouTube channel matter to you?


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