“Mike was an absolute pleasure to work during his time interning at Connelly Partners. While here, Mike always finished his projects either on time or ahead of schedule; when he was unsure about an assignment, he asked the right questions that would allow him to get the job done. Above all, I valued Mike for his creativity/out-of-the box thinking especially as it pertains to social media and the interactive sphere. Mike is responsible and reliable, exhibiting a level of maturity and professionalism which in my experience is not common to people at his level. Mike’s prior experience, creativity and education has gone a long way in equipping him to succeed in this industry.”

Elyse Kelly, Brand Manager, Connelly Partners

“Mike Shea was an AMP Agency Account Management Intern during the Fall semester of 2008 from September 8
th through December 12th.

During his time at AMP Agency, Mike primarily assisted the ARAMARK account team, but was always willing to lend additional support to other account teams as needed. In addition, Mike fulfilled many important internal initiatives.

Mike “gets it.” He understands the big picture of the work that we do and was a great asset to the team. He works well with little direction and when assigned to a project/task and it is guaranteed to get done, and done well.

I recommend Mike to future employers and am available to answer any additional questions you may have.”

– Tamara Grindrod, Account Manager , AMP Agency

“Mike is extremely efficient at completing tasks and projects with accuracy and thoroughness which is a rare quality for interns. He understands the “big picture” and can run with projects with little direction given and understand where even the smallest tasks fit into the greater program objective.”

– Matt Rainone, Account Manager , AMP Agency

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike in both academic and business settings. He always brought not only a very high level of thinking, but his full commitment to every project we have set our minds to. His love of marketing is more than obvious by his amount of very impressive experience, but it can also be easily seen by just talking to him, and the work he does on a day to day basis. What has always impressed me the most about Mike is his dedication to the details of everything we have worked on, he makes sure everything is as perfect as it can possibly be. That is what makes Mike such a pleasure to work with on a regular basis, and why I am happy to say we are going into business to develop our own social media agency together.”

– Max Silver, Business Partner

“Mike is a great young talent. A superb writer that cranked out wonderfully crafted blog posts for Most Memorable New Product Launch and Launchpr with little or no edits needed. Mike is well organized and has a huge upside as he continues to grow in experience.”

Patrick Richardson, Integrated Marketing Manager , Schneider Associates

“I can highly recommend
after he interned at Performer Publications, Inc. during the spring of 2008. Performer Publications Inc, publishes 3 different regional monthly trade magazines that highlight the best in unsigned musical acts from all genres. Since we are a small publishing company who covers a large geographic area, our marketing interns work with several departments while gaining national exposure to the music industry. Mike’s duties included marketing research on pro musical equipment manufacturers & competing magazines, assisted in the coordination of various regional and national promotion projects, assisted the operations manager with vender relations, assisting the IT department (updating our website, maintaining and expanding our database, desktop support), maintaining & increasing our distribution and subscriptions lists, proofing the boards and ad copy, and assisted the bookkeeper with A/P and A/R. He was the most qualified and talented intern from that semester. To put it succinctly, if there is a position available within our company in the future, we will offer it to him.”

– Gregg Patay, Operations Manager, Performer Publications

“I am thrilled to be able to add my support and recommendation of Mike. Mike was a Fall 2009 semester student in my Entertainment & Interactive Public Relations course at the Emerson College Los Angeles Center. In addition to his academic course work, I also worked with Mike throughout his Los Angeles internship experience as he blended his education, skills, talent and passion with the high demands of a professional work environment. Great student, great person, great potential.”

– Brad Lemack, Professor: Entertainment Marketing & PR, Emerson College


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